Friday, October 16, 2015

News for Week Ending Friday, Oct 16, 2015

1.        In a recent essay about wage inequality for women, Jennifer Lawrence complained about the difficulty of remaining “adorable” while being a tough negotiator.  ***  Well, she could paint a happy face on the nail of her middle finger.

2.        ABC is canceling “Celebrity Wife Swap.” ***  Well, they canceled the TV show.  The celebrities, of course, will continue swapping wives.

3.        After visiting prisoners at San Quentin this week, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg called for major prison reforms.  ***   His first proposal is a new web site for inmates:  Mugbook.

4.        At Wal-Mart’s annual shareholders meeting, CEO Doug McMillon announced that the chain store will begin targeting more upscale customers.  ***  Those would be the people wearing designer flip-flops.

5.        In an interview on “60 Minutes,” President Obama said that Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server was a mistake, but she did not endanger national security.  ***  He said she’d have to be elected president to do that.

6.        On this date in history:  1966 – More than 100 anti-draft demonstrators, including Joan Baez, are arrested in Oakland.  ***  However, they win a Grammy for the protest with the best music ever.

7.        On this date in history:  1860 - 11-year-old Grace Bedell writes to Abraham Lincoln, tells him to grow a beard.  ***  Lincoln writes back, tells her to get a life.

8.        On this date in history:  1937 - Ernest Hemingway’s novel "To Have & Have Not" is published. ***  Unfortunately, the “Have Nots” have to wait for the less expensive paperback version.

9.        On this date in history:  1902 - President Roosevelt threatens to respond to a miners’ strike by using army troops to work the coal mines.  ***  Soldiers reportedly say, “Hey, just a minute…”

10.     On this date in history:  1968 - Norma Enriqueta Basilio Satelo becomes the first woman to light the Olympic flame.  ***  Fortunately, the organizers resisted the urge to play “Come On, Baby Light My Fire.”

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