Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday, Nov 8, 2013

1.        Tony Trenkle, the White House official responsible for overseeing development of the Obamacare website, has resigned.  ***  But, I think the Obamacare program will make sure he continues to get paid even though his incompetency was a pre-existing condition.

2.        In an interview on “20/20,” former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice showed remorse for the behavior that got him fired:  Yelling at players, screaming obscenities, shoving them and calling them names.   ***  In other words, just the kind of guy we’d like to see managing the programmers who created the Obamacare website.

3.        India has just launched a spacecraft on a mission to Mars.  ***  Pakistan also launched a spacecraft, but theirs is the low-cost version.  They just strapped a booster rocket onto a captured Predator Drone.

4.        A lot of shoppers are saying that K-Mart is being unfair to its employees by planning to stay open all day on Thanksgiving without shutting down for dinner, and they are threatening a nationwide Thanksgiving Day boycott.   ***   Unless the discounts are really, really good.

5.        A terrorist suspect leaving a mosque in London was able to slip by police by dressing as a woman wearing a burqa.    ***   But he really fooled police into thinking he was a woman by stopping to ask for directions.

6.        A New York University student was rescued after being trapped in a small space between two buildings for two days.  Friends of the student, who was originally from Nigeria, don’t know how he ended up in that remote area.  ***   He was probably delivering gold bars to helpful Internet users.

7.        I was surprised to learn that there’s a matador school in France that has trained 1,000 boys in the art of bullfighting.  ***  You can always tell the French matadors—they’re the ones waving the white cape.

8.        Kanye West put his tour on hold after some key equipment was damaged in a truck crash.  ***  Speaking of accidents, I wonder if he’s also going to put the tour on hold after his relationship with Kim Kardashian turns into a train wreck.

9.        In a recent court filing, 85 members of Congress urged the Supreme Court to clarify its position regarding public prayer.  They said that previous rulings have “confused the lower courts and baffled the public.”  ***  And if anyone knows about baffling the public, it’s Congress.

10.     This week Pope Francis made an unannounced visit to the tomb of Pope John Paul II.   ***   Of course it was unannounced. Call me impolite, but I don’t think you need to call ahead when the guy is dead.

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