Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday, Nov 14, 2014

1.        Andy Worhol’s painting of Elvis Presley, “Triple Elvis,” has just sold at auction for $81.9 million.   ***   It’s extremely rare—it’s the only Elvis painting in the world that was not done on black velvet.

2.        A tiger has been spotted on the loose near Disneyland Paris.  ***  In an effort to protect tourists in the area, police have issued a warning to be on the lookout for predatory ticket prices.

3.        Seattle Seahawk fans were outraged to learn that the stadium beer had been watered down.  ***  They became suspicious when they woke up Monday morning and actually remembered the game.

4.        Starbucks has come out with its first new holiday drink of the season, a chestnut-flavored latte.  ***  It’s not easy to make.  They have to roast it on an open fire.

5.        Nigeria’s ambassador to the U.S. is complaining that we won’t sell weapons to his country.  ***   He said he sent a polite e-mail to the Pentagon with a list of the requested ordnance and a promise to pay later with a shipment of gold bars.

6.        A 17 year old boy saved a Philadelphia policeman’s life by pulling him from his cruiser which had burst into flames after an accident.  ***  Then the kid had to restrain the cop from trying to go back for the donuts.

7.        A study by a Pennsylvania engineering firm shows that germs from a sneeze in an aircraft can travel up to 50 feet.   ***   That’s in coach.  First-class passengers, of course, don’t have any germs.

8.        In Egypt, a bus driver used a clean urine sample from his wife for his drug screen, but he was fired when it tested positive for pregnancy.   ***   That’s too bad; here in the U.S. he would have kept his job and gotten maternity leave.

9.        The Walter White action figure with a gun and a bag of meth has been pulled by Toys R Us, but it’s available on e-Bay for inflated prices.  ***  Now it’s cheaper to just get a Ken doll and corrupt him.

10.     McDonald’s has not yet launched its new Facebook-based advertising slogan, “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’.”   ***  The haters are demanding a recount.

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