Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday, Nov 21, 2014

1.        Medical researchers have found that slumping forward while texting is like adding a 60 pound load to your spine and neck.  ***  They recommend that your back should be kept straight and your chin should be at least 12 inches from the steering wheel.

2.        The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has reported that minivans from Chrysler and Nissan scored poorly in recent crash testing.  ***  They said that after a 40 mph frontal collision nearly half the cupholders were unusable.

3.        Olive Garden has changed its menu and now diners can choose “Northern Italian” or “Southern Italian.”  ***   Or, they can choose “Real Italian” and go eat somewhere else.

4.        An Iowa man was apprehended by Secret Service agents near the White House after they found a hunting rifle and a knife in his car.  ***  Because of new security procedures, they told him he’d have to leave the weapons behind before climbing over the fence.

5.        Twenty-four women in Minnesota are crafting an elaborate wedding gown that has one million beads and weighs 400 pounds.  ***  Gee, usually it’s the guy who has to be dragged to the altar.

6.        A woman in Salt Lake City was allowed to have her driver’s license photo taken while wearing a kitchen colander on her head.   ***  The picture turned out OK, although her expression was somewhat strained.

7.        The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year is “vape,” a device which turns substance into vapor, like an e-cigarette.  ***  Or a political speech.

8.        Facebook is going to prevent users from sharing their “Friends” list with political campaign committees.  ***  Unless the candidate is a cat.

9.        Plus-size actress Melissa McCarthy recently lost 45 pounds.  An inside source said, “She’s not obsessed with dieting; she’s just looking for a happy medium.”  ***  Well, she may have found happy, but I don’t think she reached medium.

10.     After 34 hours on the air, TV weatherman Al Roker set a new world record.  *** Longest continuous weather show without a single accurate forecast.

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