Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday, Apr 17, 2015

1.        A Detroit police officer has been arrested for a drive-by shooting  ***  …or, as they call it in Detroit, distracted driving.

2.        “Real Housewives” star Kim Richards was arrested after a drunken rage at the famous Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills and was charged with resisting arrest, battery of a police officer   ***  and failing to wait until the cameras were rolling.

3.        A Florida man landed his one-man gyrocopter on Capitol Hill in order to bring attention to “bi-partisan corruption” in Congress.  ***  Of course, that’s ridiculous. This Congress doesn’t do anything bi-partisan.

4.        Nine of the Atlanta school teachers accused of cheating to raise standardized test scores have been given jail sentences.  ***  Also, a note was sent home to their parents.

5.        Singer Percy Sledge has died at the age of 74.   ***   He is survived by his son, MC Hammer.

6.        A survey in Britain reveals that most people lie on a first date--men lie about their income and women lie about their age—but by the third date they start being honest.   ***   The survey also showed that there aren’t many fourth dates.

7.        U.S. officials filed a protest after an American reconnaissance aircraft was intercepted by a Russian jet in an unsafe manner.  ***   You know, those Russian pilots just never got over the opening scene of “Top Gun.”

8.        As Californians look for ways to conserve water, they are finding they need to make some big sacrifices.  ***   Water Conservation Tip #1: Drink scotch without water.  Water Conservation Tip #2: Drink enough of it that you don’t care about the sacrifices.

9.        Lindsay Lohan, who has moved to England to relax for a while, was furious when she found out her mother, Dina, is coming there to star in a TV show.  ***  After all, Lindsay has her pride, and she insists on being the first Lohan thrown into a British jail.

10.     An off-duty Secret Service agent was arrested last week for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home.  ***  This goes against everything the Secret Service stands for: Misbehaving while on duty.

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