Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

1.        According to a psychiatrist at Wake Forest University Medical School, children’s coloring books can actually help adults relieve stress.   ***   Yes, I always feel better after ripping a few of them in half.

2.        For the very first time, the Barbie doll now comes with articulated ankles so she can wear flats instead of high heels.  ***  Thank goodness!  Now when they go on dates Ken doesn’t have to wear those silly little lifts.

3.        In order to better understand and communicate with their young customer base, Taco Bell executives are learning terms that millennials use, such as “lit,” “throw shade” and “on fleek.”   ***  And they’re trying to avoid unfamiliar terms like “job,” “work” and “save.”

4.        LeBron James exposed his private parts to 18 million viewers when an ABC camera caught him adjusting his uniform prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals.  ***   NBA officials were particularly bothered by the attached note that said, “This advertising space available.”

5.        A Disney studio archivist has revealed that the romantic spaghetti dinner scene in the 1955 animated movie “Lady and the Tramp” was almost cut by Walt Disney because of concerns that it wouldn’t be dignified.  ***  They did, however, drop the part where Tramp slurps up a bowl after bowl of Pellegrino and has to keep running to a tree.

6.        A bomb threat led to evacuation of the White House press room during a briefing by press secretary Josh Earnest.  ***   No bomb was found, but the specially-trained sniffer dogs did find five major exaggerations, seven evasive comments, three deceptive statements, a handful of blatant falsehoods and more than two pounds of spin.

7.        According to a survey by Linked-In, 70% of millennials would hide the fact that they had been fired when looking for a new job.   ***  The other 30% say they would stick by their principles and wouldn’t be caught dead looking for a job.

8.        “Duck Dynasty” stars Jep and Jessica Robertson included some shocking revelations in their new book, including Jep’s claim that he had been repeatedly abused by an older girl on a school bus.  ***  He said, “You know, you really gotta watch out for those darn Duggar kids.”

9.        In a recent radio interview, Britney Spears revealed that she likes to paint while topless and listening to Mariah Carey.  ***   You know, I just can’t picture her listening to Mariah Carey.

10.     Two inmates in a New York State prison escaped by cutting through a steel wall, a steam pipe and a locked manhole cover with power tools.  ***  In hindsight, officials say they probably should have been suspicious when the prisoners requested a dozen extension cords.

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