Friday, September 25, 2015

News for Week Ending Friday, Sept 25, 2015

1.        Experts say the most popular fashion accessory this fall will be the beret.  ***  Although white beanies are now expected be a close second.

2.        Native Americans are asking the government to rename the Wyoming rock formation known as “Devils Tower” because it implies that Indians used it as a site for devil worship  ***  and presidential campaign rallies.

3.        For a limited time, several McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden will allow customers to make reservations.  ***  It’s very classy—after you sit down at your table, a waiter takes your order and then goes up and stands in line for you.

4.        A woman in Syracuse, NY jumped out of her moving car when she saw a spider crawling on her shoulder.  ***

Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the driver’s neck,
                            Driver jumped out and caused a massive wreck.
                            Out popped the air bag and smashed the critter flat,
                            But the itsy bitsy spider sure got the final laugh.

5.        A Nebraska man claims he became ill because of traces of meth in his hotel room coffee pot.  ***  You know, maybe he shouldn’t have selected the K-Cup that had a picture of Walter White on top.

6.        On this date in history:  1561 - King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida.  ***  Thus missing the opportunity to establish a really lucrative chain of retirement villages.

7.        On this date in history:  1625 – The Dutch attack San Juan, Puerto Rico.  ***   Unfortunately, those wooden shoes pretty much ruined the element of surprise.

8.        On this date in history:  1837 - Charles Tiffany founded his jewelry & china store.  ***  But, he declines to serve breakfast.

9.        On this date in history:  1960 - Chubby Checker's "Twist" hits #1  ***   Chiropractors rejoice.

10.     On this date in history:  1989 - "Baywatch," starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, debuts on NBC.   ***  Viewers immediately start demanding high def TV.

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