Friday, December 18, 2015

News for Week Ending Friday, Dec 18

1.        Luxury Travel Intelligence has just named Robert DeNiro’s Philippine hotel, Nobu, “The Worst New Luxury Hotel of 2015,” saying the accommodations are fine but management is weak.  ***  And whenever a guest asks for service, the staff always says, “You talkin’ to me?  You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else you talking…you talking to me?...”  

2.        A man in Oklahoma was so upset over his hotel bill that he drove his pick-up through the lobby and crashed into the front desk.  ***  After that, I guess he didn’t need to ring the bell.

3.        “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence told Stephen Colbert it’s not a good idea to contact aliens from outer space because we would just try to kill each other.  ***  She said if scientists continue to reach out, she’ll start keeping a bow and arrow by her bed.

4.        Hillary Clinton says she has a “360 degree plan” to destroy ISIS.  ***  Yep, I think 360 degrees would be hot enough.

5.        With the help of a spiritual medium, the Kardashian girls’ departed father, Robert Kardashian, gave them a message from the grave.  ***  He told them he’s been rolling over a lot.

6.        On this date in history: 1582 – The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway adopt the Gregorian calendar. *** They were especially impressed by Miss April.

7.        On this date in history: 1813 – In the War of 1812, the British take Fort Niagara.   ***   It wasn’t easy; just to get to the fort they had to fight their way through hundreds of honeymooners.

8.        On this date in history: 1979 – The Budweiser streamliner set a wheeled vehicle speed record of 730 mph. ***  The Clydesdales were exhausted. 

9.        On this date in history: 1979 - "Love Story," starring Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw, is released.  ***   Millions of men stop apologizing.

10.     On this date in history: 1977 - "Saturday Night Fever," starring John Travolta, premieres.  ***  In the following weeks, thousands of men strain their vocal cords trying to sound like the BeeGees.

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