Friday, May 20, 2016

News for Week Ending Friday, May 20, 2016

1.   Donald Trump has threatened to sue the New York Times for its articles criticizing his degrading treatment of women.  ***  In a scathing attack, he said he can prove that he degrades men and women equally. 

2.   A study by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has found that 45% of heart attack victims have “silent” heart attacks which don’t have the classic symptoms of arm numbness and chest pain.  ***  That’s good, because that means you can finish your beer and burger and you won’t ruin happy hour for everyone around you.

3.   Mariah Carey told Entertainment Tonight that no one is going to sing at her upcoming wedding because nobody is good enough.  ***  She said that guy who turns water into wine at wedding feasts can show up if he wants, but only if he promises not to sing.

4.   A Massachusetts man has become the first in the U.S. to receive a new sex organ transplanted from a donor.  ***  The donor’s name was not disclosed, but the patient says he now has a strange urge to enter a decathlon.   

5.   Author Ian Halperin, who has written a book about the Kardashians, says that Caitlyn Jenner is considering de-transitioning back to a man.  ***  He said that Caitlyn is very happy as a woman, but all those new public restroom rules are just too confusing.

6.   On this date in history:  May 20, 1940 – Igor Sikorsky unveils his newly invented helicopter.  ***  He said its primary purpose was to help report traffic conditions in the morning. 

7.   On this date in history:  May 19, 1898 – The Post Office authorizes the use of postcards.  ***   For Millennials:  Postcards are how people bragged about vacations before Facebook.  

8.   On this date in history:  May 18, 1965 – Gene Roddenberry suggests 16 names, including “Kirk,” for the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek.  ***  Fortunately, “Crunch” and “Kangaroo” were already taken.

9.   On this date in history:  May 17, 1733 – England imposes an additional tariff by passing the Molasses Act. ***  It was basically a tax on people who move too slow.

10.  On this date in history:  May 16, 1966 – The Beach Boys release "Pet Sounds."  ***  I believe their favorite sound was “Ka-ching!”

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