Friday, August 19, 2016

News for Week Ending Friday, Aug 19, 2016

1.  TV doctor Drew Pinsky (“Dr. Drew”) says he reviewed Hillary Clinton’s medical records and was shocked to see that she is getting treatments “from the 1950’s.”  ***  She must be on the Bronze Plan.

2.   A study by has concluded that Michigan is the state with the most bullying.  ***  The study found that it’s because Michigan has the most wusses, nerds and geeks, and they all need to be taught a lesson.

3.  In Williamstown, Kentucky, a recreation of Noah’s ark opened for public preview, but critics say it inaccurately includes dinosaurs onboard.   ***   They’re also a bit skeptical about the shuffleboard courts.

4.  In Fairview Heights, Illinois, a 2 year old boy left in a running car managed to put it in gear and drive until hitting a police car.   ***  The cops said they were amazed; it was the first time they had seen a child driving without texting.

5.  Over 450,000 condoms are being distributed to athletes at the Rio Olympics.  ***  However, many countries are refusing them in hopes of winning a ton of medals 20 years from now.

6.  On this date in history:  Aug 19, 1934 – A plebiscite in Germany gives sole executive power to Adolph Hitler.  *** Apparently, Germans responded favorably to his campaign slogan, “Hey, what could possibly go wrong?”

7.  On this date in history:  Aug 18, 1962 – Peter, Paul & Mary release their 1st hit "If I Had a Hammer."  ***  The United Brotherhood of Carpenters immediately threatened violence unless they get a union card.

8.  On this date in history:  Aug 17, 1948 – The Philadelphia Phillies commit 8 errors in one game.   ***   Apparently their first error was coming to the ballpark.

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