Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

1.        According to a recent survey, Justin Bieber is the fifth most hated man in America, just behind Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson’s doctor) and just ahead of Phil Spector (song writer and convicted murderer).  ***   But, people do admire the way Mr. Bieber is trying so hard to work his way up the list.

2.        The NSA has released a 2013 internal e-mail from Edward Snowden asking if presidential executive orders have precedence over congressional statutes.  ***  I believe he asked the same question in Russia and Vladimir Putin’s response was, “Well, duh!”

3.        According to a recent Gallup poll, half the people in Illinois said they would leave the state if they could.   ***  The other half already left, but they’re still on the Chicago voter rolls.

4.        In an effort to reduce pollution, the Chinese government plans to take 6 million older vehicles off the road, although they’re not sure how to do that.  ***  Michigan, for example, does it with potholes.

5.        German researchers have developed a device that lets pilots fly a plane by brainwaves.  ***  Airline pilots are upset because it means they’ll have to stay awake.

6.        Google is designing a driverless car that doesn’t even have a steering wheel.   ***  Of course, in today’s cars a steering wheel is a necessity.  It’s where drivers rest their cell phone while texting.

7.        The United States is skeptical about Nigerian claims that the 300 abducted school girls have been located.  ***  However, just to be safe, American officials have e-mailed the requested bank account numbers and passwords to a Nigerian prince in hopes of freeing the children and also receiving a promised shipment of gold bars.

8.        Dozens of protestors at McDonald’s annual shareholders meeting were arrested after complaining that the minimum wage does not cover basic living expenses.  ***  Now they’re complaining that it doesn’t cover bail.

9.        The CEO of Levi Jeans says that washing jeans wears them out, and to keep them smelling fresh he recommends just freezing them.   ***   Although he admits that putting them on in the morning is quite a shock to his private parts.

10.     The White House accidentally disclosed the name of the CIA’s top man in Afghanistan.   ***  Fortunately, the Taliban have ignored the information because it did not come from a credible source.

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