Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday, Sept 12, 2014

1.     McDonald’s has submitted paperwork to trademark “McBrunch.”  ***  The company has already trademarked McMuffin, McChicken and McHeartAttack.

2.     Nike is designing an airplane that would help athletes maintain their performance level when flying to “away” games.  It includes a massage area, lie-flat seats   ***   and a special cabin for steroid injections.

3.     Detroit is installing upgraded electronic parking meters that have longer lasting batteries, can be paid through a smartphone app  ***  and give you a refund for the unused time after your car is stolen.

4.     Nevada’s governor has declared a state of emergency because of extreme flooding.  ***  It’s so bad the only people playing the submerged slot machines are seniors with oxygen tanks.

5.     A New Jersey newspaper is investigating why that state’s three largest cities are having the biggest increases in crime.  ***  Because they have the most politicians?

6.     Arnold Schwarzenegger is selling his 5-ton Mercedes Unimog for $275,000.  ***  When someone asked him, “Made in Germany?” he said “No, the maid is still in California.”

7.     The Smithsonian is restoring a famous full-length painting of George Washington wearing black velvet.  ***  These days our heroes are painted ON black velvet.

8.     The Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles caught on fire.  *** Observers reported that it went up in flames…down in flames…up in flames…

9.     A hacker recently breached the Obamacare website.  ***  This is a serious offense, because the program’s Open Hacking period doesn’t start until November 15th.

10.  A nine year old pajama-clad Canadian boy in Saskatchewan stole a city bus and drove it for three blocks.  ***  Police became suspicious when the bus started arriving at stops on schedule.

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